Whitney Fessler

Library Teacher

Class Schedule

All classes visit the library twice a week for 30 minutes each class. The first time each class comes to the library will be their checkout day. The second time each class comes will be reserved for story time and library lessons. Posted below is the checkout day for each grade level:

  • K-Tuesday, 1 book limit (2 books after Christmas)
  • 1st-Tuesday, 2 book limit
  • 2nd-Wednesday, 2 book limit
  • 3rd-Tuesday, 3 book limit
  • 4th- Tuesday, 3 book limit
  • 5th-Monday, 3 book limit

Book checkout

The loan period for all students is 2 weeks. Grades K-2 are expected to return their books each week when their class comes to the library. Grades 3-5 may keep their books for 2 weeks. Students may renew their books once if they need more time to finish them. There are no late charges. Students are responsible for paying for damaged books or those not returned, or lost. Failure to do so will result in the loss of checkout privileges. Please help your child remember his/her library day.

Open checkout

Every day the library is open for checkout before class from 7:55-8:10. This will allow our avid readers at LMS to come DAILY for new books. It will also allow your child to turn books in any day, especially if they forgot to turn their book in on their checkout day.


Volunteers are always welcome in the library! Help is needed for shelving books, checking books in and out, book repair, and book fair. Please sign up on the sign-up genius form that will be coming from your child’s homeroom mom or stop in and check with Mrs. Fessler. She will find a spot for you!


Donations of hardcover books or popular paperbacks are always welcome. Please let me know if you would like the books that we can not use returned to you. We have talked a great deal about taking care of our library books during our library lessons. Will youplease help to reinforce the following behaviors with our books at homethat we have talked about in class:

  • Reading with clean hands.
  • No eating or drinking around our books.
  • Always use a bookmark.
  • Leaving our books in our backpack when it is not being read, so it is ready for checkout day.
  • Finding a comfy spot to sit and enjoy our new books!