4th Grade

4th grade news letter NOv. 7 2017

4th grade news letter Oct 2 2017


4th Grade Student Supply List 2017-2018

4th grade summer activities 2017


Books for parents

Ending the Homework Hassle by John Rosemond

As excellent, researched based, easy to use book. I used these ideas for years and it works. Our evenings were positive and enjoyable while my 3 children excelled in school. Susan

The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman

This is a must! It will open up a whole new window into your child’s mind. We all tend to love our children in the terms of what makes us feel loved rather than what makes them feel loved. I sure understand why my mom’s notes in my lunchbox were so important to me! Susan

The Blessing of a Skinned Knee is one of the best, if not the best, parenting books I’ve read. It is a must!

Read Aloud

A terrific Read Aloud for grandmothers and granddaughters is Love, Ruby Lavender, by Wiles. I feel it would be such a great book for a group of mom or grandmothers to read with their girls. Gary Paulson has and still holds true to being a hit with 4th grade boys and their dads. Hatchet is usually a good one to start with, as it certainly grabs their attention with the plane incident! Note: Children who have been Read Aloud to just ten minutes a day during their 5 preschool years, end up with over 300 hours of language development tucked away before they even enter kindergarten! It is NOT too late to begin! It will make a huge difference in your child’s listening skills, vocabulary, and background knowledge. It is “one on one” quality time at its best.


We usually have a math assignment on Monday that will be due on Friday. It is possible they may have other small assignments during the week to practice skills from class.  Other than that, we want the children to READ or be READ TO. We are talking 20 minutes of eyes in the book, no television on nearby, reading. Nothing is going to improve your child’s reading ability more than practice. Every single day. Read. Want some suggestions? Just ask! We would love to help you find great reads for your child. It does not have to be a novel of sorts. Non fiction is terrific! My best success story involved a student (6th grade) who wanted to be a pilot, but was not a terrific reader. He did not want to read what the other kids were reading. So we got him a real pilot’s manual. I could not keep his head out of the manual. His parents told me he read for hours at night. Find out what their passion is and ignite the reading habit with a matching book.


Literature Circles

Our fourth graders will soon be fully engaged in our literature circles! Our fourth grade reading program centers on the use of great novels and small groups. Students read and then complete literacy notes which they will then present in their small groups. The discussions that occur are amazing and often so insightful. Lookout Mountain School is constantly looking for higher order thinking lessons and activities to provide rigor. Literature Circles do just that!

Writing Workshop

Fourth graders will have lots of writing during their busy days. In literacy class,  they will have workshops which will teach writing crafts, partner discussions, student activities and practice. They will have lots of time to independently write.


Fourth graders will need to study and master their multiplication facts this year! In math class, they will participate in partner discussion, make connections between problems and topics, justify why they agree or disagree with strategies, and explore multiple pathways to problems.  Fourth graders will be asked to study their math facts for at least 5 minutes a night in addition to their weekly homework. Most of the homework will be given on Monday with a due date on Friday.


Fourth graders will have a blast in science this year! Each class will get a 90 minute block in the science lab with Mrs. Hughes once a week! They will also get to participate in engaging activities in Mrs. Johnson’s class as they prep for the lab each week. Fourth graders will be given a 10 point quiz every Friday that will cover the information covered in class and lab that week.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we will be studying U.S. History from the earliest people right up to the pre Civil War.