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P.O. Box 136
Lookout Mountain,
TN 37350

Take Your Seat Campaign

For $250 you can sponsor an auditorium chair for the renovation of the Lookout Mountain School Auditorium. You can dedicate the chair with an engraved plaque.

Your financial support is vital to our school’s success! With the generous support of our families, friends, corporate partners and community, LMS can offer our children forward-thinking academic programs, up-to-date technology, inspiring art programs, writing labs that foster creativity, weekly music class and music performances, and daily physical education programs that teach the importance of health and sportsmanship. Thank you for your support.

Donate Online

You may make a secure online donation by clicking the pay now button below, which will take you to our payment gateway. Please keep in mind that LMS is charged a processing fee for all credit card payments.

*Note: If you wish to cancel your recurring donation, please contact us

Stock Donations

How do I make a stock gift?
An increasing number of donors give securities to charitable organizations because they enjoy the ease of giving and the significant tax savings these gifts sometimes create.
If you are interested in making a gift of stock, you or your broker should contact Karen Leavengood, Operations Coordinator for LMS Annual Fund, at (423) 400-9591, or email Please provide your name, telephone number, the name of the stock, number of shares, the approximate date you will make the gift, approximate value of the gift. If you are using a broker, please provide his or her name and telephone number.
If your shares are held in an account with your broker, provide him/her with the following Depository Trust Company (DTC) directions:
Please request that your broker transfer the shares electronically to the Lookout Mountain School PTO primary account at Merrill Lynch. The DTC directions are:
• DTC 8862
• Merrill Lynch
• Account No: 570 04352
• Ref. Lookout Mountain School Parent Teacher Organization
• Ref. Donor’s Name & Designation
• Attn: Jack Pollock, PPHK & Associates
• Tel: (423) 752-3650

LMS PTA – How do I make a stock gift